CSE-1008 Adjunctive Non-Contact Infrared Body Temperature Screening

The CSE1008 body temperature adjunctive screening system features a non-contact IR temperature sensor for rapid and non-contact screening for abnormal temperature temperatures. It offers high screening accuracy, greatly reducing the probability of your staff, customers or associates being exposed to infection, and improving the efficiency of detection and clearance in high crowd situations. The system is light weight for relocation and transport, takes just minutes to set up, and offers extremely easy operation.


* Adjunctive screening for preliminary Go/No Go testing

* Non-contact detection mode, within 1" distance

* Real-time display body temperature  - LED digital screen

* Visual alarm for abnormal temperatures over 98.6F

* Tracking of abnormal temperatures over 98.6F

* Adopting single infrared sensing, can be dual-mode

* Harmless infrared operation

* Free Remote Training, included technical training, operator training.

* Screens up to 60 people per minute

* Indoor and outdoor use

* Safe for human use; not approved by FDA for clinical use, security screening only

Technical Details

                                                            Temperature Display   

                                                            Infrared Detector Height


                                                            Alarm and Tracking    

                                                            Detection Position  

                                                            Temperature Detection Precision    

                                                            Pass-through Rate    

                                                            Alarm Zeroing Out   

                                                            Modular Design     


                                                            Vertical Opening   

                                                            Panel Material   


                                                            Carton Box Dimension Size   



                                                            Working Environment 

                                                            Relative Humidity    

                                                            Working Voltage    




Shown on the LED Digital Display in Real Time

Standard 59” for detecting 57“-73” height 

a.The detector height can be customized(factory option)

b.Add additional detectors for children(factory option)

≥98.6˚F (adjustable)

Forehead and Wrist


70 Persons/minute


10 minute installation

86.5” (H) x 36.25” (W) x 15.75“ (D)

79” (H) x 28” (W) 

Fireproofing PVC

CE Approved, ISO14001 · ISO9001 · OHSAS18001

90.5” x 13” x 18”



≤90% (RH)

AC100-240, 50~60 Hz

Indoor use only

12 months on factory defects/workmanship

Train Station, School, Office Building, etc.