RL-A8 Adjunction Non-Contact Temperature Screening


* Non-contact temperature testing

* Discreet entry screening

* Self-checking - eliminates the need for up-close testing

* Pleasant “Go” tone for tests within acceptance, louder

   tone for “No Go” readings

* Real-time display of temperature

* Adopts a single infrared detector

* Lithium battery powered; long battery life

* AC power cord option

* High measurement accuracy,

* Adjustable temperature measurement limit

* Easily mounts to any wall or tri-pod option available

* Holder for sensor and battery

Not approved by FDA for clinical use, security screening only;

preliminary alert should be followed by secondary screening using

an FDA-certified thermometer.

Technical Details

CPU                 STM SoC, 16 bit

Width                1.5cm

Sensor type         Infrared

Detect range         32 to 42.9°C

Backlight color Red/Green/Orange

Display language         English/multi-language

Speaker         60 dB max, voice supported

Detect time         2 seconds

Precision                 ±0.3°

Detect distance 8~ 15 cm (adjustable)

Power supply         USB 5V/1A

Standby power 50 MW